Can you buy a powerball ticket with a debit card?

By | April 4, 2021

One of the most popular questions from those buying lottery tickets: Can you buy a powerball ticket with a debit card. The answer is yes and let’s read the article to find out more.

Can you buy a powerball ticket with a debit card in 2021?

The average  U.S. millennial spends around $976 a year with lottery tickets. You can understand the big reward of the lottery. For some bucks, you have the opportunity to get wealthier. That said, you are more likely to win Oscar or Olympic gold medals instead of seeing the numbers of lottery match your ticket numbers. However, the lottery still attracts many people. And can you buy a powerball ticket with a debit card?

FAQ for Retailers

Can a customer pay with a debit card?

Yes! Retailers can receive payment from players using a debit card. The New Hampshire Lottery does not limit that. In fact, if customers have purchased items and without cash, there may be the advantage of retailers. 

Sometimes it depends on where you live. There are several reasons why many states have forbidden using debit cards for lottery ticket buying. 

Can a customer pay with a debit card?

Can a customer pay with a debit card?

Can a customer buy lottery tickets with a credit card?

Yes. But only 21 states allowing customers to use a credit card to buy lottery tickets, including:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Indiana
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont
  • Washington
Can a customer buy lottery tickets with a credit card?

Can a customer buy lottery tickets with a credit card?

Can I let my employees play tickets while they’re on duty?

The lottery requires employees to not play lottery tickets while on duty. Although each store must have their own policy on when store employees may purchase lottery tickets and employees are strongly encouraged to not play while they are working. Allowing employees to play while they are at work will raise fraud through players and affect a retailer’s and the Lottery’s integrity. 

How do I change my bank account from which the Lottery funds are pulled?

You will need to contact the Lottery, 603-271-3391. 

How do I find what I should have for my instant ticket inventory?

  • From Main Screen, Select: ADMIN
  • From ADMIN screen, Select: INSTANT GAME MENU

I am selling my business, what do I need to do regarding the lottery?

You need to contact the Lottery, 603-271-3391 at least two weeks before the sale.

How do I get into training mode on the Lottery terminal?

  • Make sure the terminal is signed on
  • From Main Screen, Select:  ADMIN
  • Select:  UTILITIES
  • Select:  TRAINING MODE and, on the pop-up window that appears, Select: OK to confirm your choice—the terminal goes into the signed-off state of the training mode and the desktop turns green to indicate mode is enabled.
  • 2-DIGIT ID (31) and four-digit passcode (9999)
  • To exit the training mode and re-enter the normal operation mode please repeat the above steps.

Can I order supplies from my terminal?

  • From Main Screen, Select:  ADMIN
  • From ADMIN, Select UTILITIES
  • ONLINE SUPPLIES CALL ME (a helpdesk rep will call within 24 hours)
  • OR;  Contact Retailer Hotline 24 hours/7 days a week at 1-877-809-7966
  • OR;  Contact your Sales Representative

Why can’t I activate a pack of tickets?

  • Shipment may not have been RECEIVED yet; check INVENTORY DETAIL REPORT
  • BAM limited reached; call NH Lottery @ 603-271-3391 Open Monday-Friday 8-4 

I received an error message, “Game Expired. No Prizes Available.” What do I do?

  • DO NOT pay the customer
  • Tickets are only valid for ONE YEAR after the game has closed

What happens if I don’t have enough money to pay my bill?

The bank will announce the Lottery of EFT return and the lottery will contact you for payment. Payments include penalties and will be shipped in a form of a certified bank within two working days. 

What report do I run on Sunday morning to see how much the Lottery is going to pull out of my account? When is it pulled?

You have to see your Current Weekly Invoice. Viewing induction touch ADMIN, FINANCIAL REPORT, or manager reports (provide your manager ID and password), select Current Weekly Invoice. The total number due is the lottery that draws from your bank account. Your funds will be needed in the account by 2:00 pm on Monday.

When do new instant games come out?

New instant games are usually launched on the first Monday of the month, although it is varying through on holidays. 

Why do I need a dedicated electrical outlet for my Lottery terminal?

A dedicated electrical outlet is asked for the communication of the lottery equipment. Not having dedicated output can cause communication errors to your terminal. 

Reasons to avoid buying lottery tickets with credit card

You probably won’t earn rewards

With a credit card for a lottery ticket, you can not yield awards for a variety of credit card awards. This is because the prize structure is usually according to points levels or cashback, where game gambling is not a category. You must see the terms and conditions of a particular credit card to find out if you can get points or not.

You’re taking on debt to finance gambling

It is easy to have a promise of being rich. But if you use a credit card to pay for a chance to get a lottery, it adds to your overall debt. If you buy multiple tickets regularly, the annual costs can quickly snowball.

You’ll get a better return by investing or saving

Buy low-risk stock where you can expect stable growth as a better financial strategy than playing the lottery to help you develop your wealth. You will also take your money to a high yield savings account or even just into a regular saving account as an emergency fund to help you pay for living expenses during the time of a medical crisis or pay for repairing your car.

Reasons to avoid buying lottery tickets with credit card

Reasons to avoid buying lottery tickets with credit card

In conclusion, customers can buy a powerball ticket with a debit card and credit card. However, it depends on each state’s policy. There are about a dozen states that do not allow customers to buy lottery tickets with debit and credit cards. And it is not advisable to buy lottery tickets with your debit card or credit card.

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