Some best emergency loans like Bright Lending on the financial market

By | April 16, 2021

Loans like Bright Lending offers small emergency money ranging from $300 to $1000. However, these loans apply high APR and short repayment terms.

Regardless of your financial situation, do not let these unexpected situations get you off track. Today, there are many easy options to apply for an online loan and get quick cash in your bank account. Loans like Bright Lending offers small emergency money ranging from $300 to $1000. Let’s find out some of the best lenders to choose from. 

1. MoneyLion – alternative to regular financial service 

If you are looking for an amazing alternative to regular banking service and fast cash, MoneyLion is something new. Being a member of industry banking relationships, allows you to access a wide range of financial services like a traditional bank – but without some hassles.

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MoneyLion gives cash back rewards, free checking services, managed investment, and so on. You can also get a “Credit Builder” loan feature with a low APR of 5.99%. That is $500 quickly available to people with poor credit. MoneyLion also provides Instacash with 0% APR up to $250 before the payday.

Among loans like Bright Lending, with MoneyLion, you can get a free account, including Instacash advance or you can have a PLUS account. These accounts cost $29 per month as maintenance fees, but you will get one extra dollar added to your investment account when you log into the online app, so that amount more than makes up for it.

2. Dave – on top of loans like Bright Lending

Just like MoneyLion, who is always willing to spot you some extra cash, this short-term loan alternative can give you a little money ahead of payday. Dave is an online platform that helps you plan and manage your expenses. 

This app will analyze your monthly spending, identify your bills and notify you when you have upcoming expenses. Its alerts show you that your upcoming bill could mean overdraft. The best feature of Dave is that you can get a 0% APR advance up to $75 until the payment day with no credit check required. 

Dave places money in your account and then deducts it when you have paid. To be eligible for Dave membership, the cost is $1 per month, however, if you can avoid overdraft charges and short-term loan interest rate, then that money may be worth it.

3. Wealthfront Cash Account 

Wealthfront is moving into a new sector of banking services by now offering what they call a Wealthfront Cash Account – essentially a combination of checking and savings account.  It is one of the best loans like Bright Lending out there. One of the amazing aspects of this app is that you can apply for a direct deposit and get your funds a little earlier.

Wealthfront Cash Account helps to save the plan and invest your money

Wealthfront Cash Account helps to save the plan and invest your money

In particular, you might receive your money two days earlier than normal and this term depends on your provider. When you are in a bind and need money to cover unexpected bills, getting that money quickly can be a good option. Additionally, Wealthfront now helps you easily transfer money from your Cash account right to the finance market in a few minutes.

Therefore, if you get paid early, you can immediately invest that money if you do not need it for something else. Moreover, when you get a handle on not needing a payday loan, you are able to open automatic saving plans from your Wealthfront Cash account once you get paid. Everything is set up automatically and you never forget to invest. 

4. Chime – fee-free online app

If you are looking for banking alternatives that provide services in a more customer-friendly way, one such good finance application is Chime. This is an online or “mobile-only” application that provides you with an alternative to traditional methods. If you are fed up with paying high fees or if you do not want to handle overdrafts, then you may be interested in using Chime. 

Chime is among the best loans like Bright Lending 

Chime is among the best loans like Bright Lending 

It makes everything convenient and offers you a streamlined, easy-to-understand financial service. Powered by Bancorp Bank and insured by FDIC, this new platform offers free checking, savings, and debit accounts with no fee required. The interface of Chime is very simple to use. 

Initially, all the money you deposit into your Chime account will be transferred to your checking account. You can use this amount of cash to make everyday purchases with your debit card or use it online as a regular checking account or write a paycheck. Or you can deposit it into your savings account. You can then choose to keep this money there or set up external transfer accounts (no transfer cash fees).

5. FlexWage – a short-term loan alternative 

Like the other short-term loans like Bright Lending mentioned above, FlexWage acts to help employees access their income on demand. The reason why these cash loan apps are so popular is because they ease employee financial stress. In addition, employers do not have to worry about the governance troubles that come with wage advances.

FlexWage works to provide employees with earned wages  

FlexWage works to provide employees with earned wages  

FlexWage also provides reloadable payroll debit cards for those who typically receive paper checks. This feature can be helpful for employees who do not have a bank account and cannot accept direct deposits. However, there are a number of fees, including $5 for remittance of wages on demand, and using a debit card can lead to fees. But overall, it is much less expensive than short-term loans. 

6. Rainy day Lending 

Rainy Day is neither a lender nor does it offer upfront wages. Instead, this online app for cash loans gives you the opportunity to find a personal loan faster. All credit scores are accepted and you can deposit money directly into your account on the next business day.

APR varies depending on the loan you qualify for. However, in many cases, you still have to come out ahead before considering the cost of the hidden fees, overdraft fees, and interest rates on short-term loans.

To come up with this list, we looked at many options for accessing money a bit quicker. We have reviewed different pre-payday applications, as well as accounts that provide early access to deposits directly to paychecks. Hope that with loans like Bright Lending on this list, you can find at least one app that is suitable for your financial situation.

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